Great, easy, and integrated Apps for your business.
All on SharePoint on your existing Microsoft Office 365 platform.

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Blooz is a showcase of skybow. With the brand "blooz" skybow wants to show, what can be achieved with SharePoint and skybow as an Business App Platform.

Blooz has implemented a lot of Business Solutions around employee processes on Office365. And this just with configuring business logic within the skybow Solution Studio (Online) instead of programming. The slogan of Blooz is called "Great, easy, and integrated Apps for your business. All on SharePoint on your existing Microsoft Office 365 platform.". This is what you can easily do as well. Just check out the Blooz Business Apps to get an inspiration and try out the skybow Solution Studio for free.

Today’s companies are on an unintentionally trip within the digital transformation. To be competitive is efficiency in the daily business more important than ever. Blooz helps to react on the daily changing business needs. How?

Store and share documents

Storing and sharing of documents in a structured way within teams or processes. Just in the right place.

Run Business Processes

Business processes integrated with each other’s and with the environment. Not islands!

Be state of the IT-Art

Web-based. Easy-to-use. Available on mobile devices everywhere. Based on a modern technology like Office 365 and SharePoint.

Be flexible

Flexible user management and subscription pricing. Running in the cloud, no IT infrastructure.

You are ready-to-go

Fast installed and ready-to-use Business Apps. If you need help with the setup or the integration in your environment.

Fully customizable, if needed

If your business processes are specific our you want to cover something special. No problem, our Business Apps are built on a flexible platform.

Business Apps

Employees Management Business App
#EmployeesManagement #BusinessApp #Blooz #Office365

Handle your employees data and much more that goes with it in Office 365.

Badges Management Business App
#BadgesManagement #BusinessApp #Blooz #Office365

Manage your employee's personal badges on your Office 365.

Mobile Phones Management Business App
Mobile Phones
#MobilePhonesManagement #BusinessApp #Blooz #Office365

Easily manage your employee's mobile phones on your Office 365.

Business Cards Management Business App
Business Cards
#BusinessCardsManagement #BusinessApp #Blooz #Office365

Manage your employee's business cards on your Office 365.

Employee Onboarding Process Management Business App
Employee Onboarding
#EmployeeOnboardingProcess #BusinessApp #Blooz #Office365

Manage onboarding processes for company joining employees on your Office 365.

Expenses Process Management Business App
#ExpensesManagement #BusinessApp #Blooz #Office365

Send your receipts in monthly approval process.

Contracts Management Business App
#ContractManagement #BusinessApp #Blooz #Office365

Get an overview on your running and expired contracts.