ContractsGet an overview on your running and expired contracts


Contracts, a business app for managing several types of contracts with contracting accounts, which in focus has the contracts lifecycle.
Easily adding contract scans or documents to the contracts Dossiers.

The responsibility of each contract is defined by a contract owner from company's employees.

A view of own contracts helps to get focus on delegated contracts. The goal is, that each department can manage their own contracts and choose the contracting account contact from the app-included account contacts list.

Different contract types with an additional main differentiation are manageable: Contracts with a fix end date and contracts with automatic renewals. According to types, you're able to calculate next possible cancellation date and deadline reminder for cancellation on click. Per contract you can define the cancellation mode and a custom termination notification period. On base of this information there is an overview of next run out contracts.

Filter by various criterias is indispensable to find contract Dossiers. Criterias like contract types, status, contract owner or account contact's name helps to find contracts again.

You're flexible in administration of contract types and selection of currencies.

This features will follow soon:
Scheduled email notifications for deadline reminder and renewal.
Scheduled calculation of deadline reminder and renewal.
Generation of own contract documents based on templates.

Key Features

Manage Contract Dossiers

All information about a contract easy to manage in structured Dossier. Keep informed in next contracts terminations and renewals.

Enhanced search for Contract Dossiers and Documents

Filter list of contracts with criterias like contract types, status and dates to find the contracts you're looking for. For better results in search, we automatically enrich documents and subitems with master dossier's metadata.

Receive Email Notifications

Receive Email Notification as Contract Owner before Contract Deadline
Receive Email Notification as Contract Owner for renewal

Own Contracts

Generate own Contracts from defined Template.

Fact Sheet

Generate a Fact Sheet of full Contract Information.

Define Contract Responsibility

Delegate the responsibility of contracts to different departments and persons by setting a contract owner.

Give Responsibility to other Departments

Give Responsibility to other Departments: IT, Management, HR...
And let they manage their Contracts.

Generate Contract Dossier Number

Let generate unique continuing numbers with prefix. For example C0003.
If needed with Contract Type Code. For example C-AGM-0003.

Connection to existing Accounts List

Connect existing Accounts List from other Business Apps

History Log

See what's happened. Maintaining from Contract's Creation until last period of Contract.


Archiving full Dossier inclusive Contract Documents.

Open dircetly from Office 365 app launcher

Open Contracts comfortable same as other Apps directly from the Office 365 app launcher.

Fast Installation

Just a few click away from your ready-to-use Contracts managing Business App.

Showcase Editions


$3.70/month & user

  • Structured Contracts Dossier
  • Enhanced search
  • Fast installation
  • Get Basic

$6.50/month & user

  • * Basic Features included
  • Department Responsibility
  • Fact Sheet Generation
  • Email Notifications
  • Contracts Generation
  • Generated Dossier Number
  • Coming soon

$9.90/month & user

  • * Pro Features included
  • History Log
  • Connection to existing Account App
  • Archiving
  • Coming soon