EmployeesHandle your employees data and much more that goes with it in Office 365


Employees, a kindly business app for Human Resources to manage their employees data and much more that goes with it. Information are clearly structured in a Dossier, where easily can added documents too.
The Dossier does not only include the general personal information, such as children, employment, education and certification.

There's an easy handling of adding and updating employee's education and certifications. Report by different filter criterias and get an overview of next to renewal certifications.

The possibility that see employees their own employee Dossier, helps to keep the data up-to-date.

Special views shows who's next birthday or employee's contact data like a phone book.

Filter list of employee Dossiers and find specific Dossier by different criterias as pesonal data or employment information.

This features will follow soon:
Connected facilities apps as Badges, Mobile Phones and Business Cards.
Possibility to use employees in other connected apps, ie direct employee creation from onboarding process.

Key Features

Manage Employee Dossiers

Person's master data and all what is interesting about employment is managed in handy forms and a structured Dossier.

Phone Book View

Get an overview of employee's phone numbers for fast contacting as you know from a phone book.

Enhanced search for Employee Dossiers and Documents

Filter list of employees with different criterias to find the person you're looking for. For better results in search, we automatically enrich documents and subitems with master dossier's metadata.

Education and Certification Management

Keep the overview of each employee's and in fact your companies know-how.

Organizational View

Organizational View... See manager hirarchy

Personal View for Employees

Employees get access to a range of their own personal data to keep it up-to-date.

See Next Birthdays

Let all know who celebrate his birthday today. A list of upcoming birhtdays helps responsible presons to prepare presents in special congratulations.

Connection to other Business Apps

Connection to other Business Apps... Start Requests from other Business Apps

Integrated Facility Apps (Badge, Mobile, Business Cards)

Use Employees in other Apps

History Log

See what's happened with this employee.


Archive Dossier and Documents

Open dircetly from Office 365 app launcher

Open Business Cards comfortable same as other Apps directly from the Office 365 app launcher.

Fast Installation

Just a few click away from your ready-to-use Employees managing Business App.

Showcase Editions


$3.70/month & user

  • Structured Dossier
  • Enhanced search
  • Phone Book
  • Fast installation
  • Get Basic

$6.30/month & user

  • * Basic Features included
  • Education and Certification Management
  • Organizational View
  • See Next Birthdays
  • Personal View for Employees
  • Coming soon

$8.30/month & user

  • * Pro Features included
  • Archiving
  • History Log
  • Connection to other Apps
  • Integration in other Apps
  • Coming soon