ExpensesSend your receipts in monthly approval process


The expense request is structured as a Dossier and contains all receipts from current month from an employee. Each employee collect his receipts by himself, upload it to Dossier and prepare the request with all required details as Department and Cost Center.

Employees can see their own Expenses on a clearly overview page which can be filtered by different criterias.

End of month emplyoees submit their completed Dossier and the request process starts rolling. Next instance will be employee's direct line manager, who will reject or approve request and pass it on to the management.

These process stages are visual shown on top of the expenses Dossier: Preparation, Verifying line manager, Verifying management, Finished.

The finished expense Dossiers are ready for working up in internal financial department and mark status as done or transmitted to an external system.

The detailed information about receipts are directly setable on receipt file - as amount and currency - and will be shown aggregated on expenses Dossier.

Key Features

Manage Expenses Process Dossiers

The creation and preparation of the expenses Dossier has to be managed by each employee for self. Receipts could attached easily to the Dossier and completed with all needed information.

Expense Approval Request

Each Dossier has to pass the approval process in which the line manager and the management accept the request. Passed expense Dossiers are ready for financial department finishing and perform the compensation back to the employee.

Enhanced search for Expense Dossiers and Receipt Documents

Filter list of expense processes with criterias like expense month, employee and status to find the expense Dossier you're looking for. For better results in search, we automatically enrich documents and subitems with master dossier's metadata.

Receive Email Notifications

Expense Request Processes notifications
Notifications when Line Managers action is needed
Notifications when Managements action is needed

Generate Expense Report

Generate with one simple click Expense Reports.

Receipt total aggregation

On each Dossier is a calculated total cost of all added receipt's shown.

Expense Request overview for Employees

Employees can see their own Expense Dossiers grouped by running und completed processes.

Generate Expense Dossier Number

Let generate unique continuing numbers with prefix. For example ER1273.

Connection to existing Business Apps

Connect existing Employees List from other location

History Log

See what's happened. Maintaining from Employee's Request until Approvals back to Finance.


Archiving full Dossier incl Receipts

Direct in-App Scan for Receipt Upload

Direct in-App Scan for Receipt Upload (Office Lens oder bexio)

Interface to Accounting System

Interface to Accounting System

Open dircetly from Office 365 app launcher

Open HR Onboarding comfortable same as other Apps directly from the Office 365 app launcher.

Fast Installation

Just a few click away from your ready-to-use Expenses managing Business App.

Showcase Editions


$3.70/month & user

  • Structured Expense Dossier
  • Enhanced search
  • Fast installation
  • Get Basic

$8/month & user

  • * Basic Features included
  • Expense Request Approval Process
  • Receipt sum aggregation
  • Email Notifications
  • Expense Report Generation
  • Generated Dossier Number
  • Line Managers involved
  • Managers involved
  • Personal View for Employees
  • Coming soon

$10/month & user

  • * Pro Features included
  • History Log
  • Connection to existing Business Apps
  • Direct in-App Scan for Receipt Upload
  • Interface to Accounting System?
  • Alternative Currency
  • Archiving
  • Coming soon