Mobile PhonesEasily manage your employee's mobile phones on your Office 365

Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones is a kindly business app for Device Managers or Human Resources to handle mobile phones asigned to employees.
Complete the structured mobile phones Dossier with phone specific information as IMEI number and phone model.

Employees are able to request a mobile phone by own and stay informed about the current state of their requests.
A common use case that is supported in Mobile Phones app is adding receipt confirmations signed by employees when they receive the device.

You can find a specific mobile phone Dossier in large list of phones by phone model, assigned employee or other criterias. An app-included employees list is connected to list of mobile phones, which can easily synced with Outlook contacts.

Key Features

Manage Mobile Phone Dossiers

Handle employee's requests for new mobile phones and keep an overview on phones that are in use.

Mobile Phone Request Process

From employee's request to next stage of approvement, up to handing over the mobile phone - all driven in a process.

Enhanced search for Mobile Phone Dossiers and Documents

Filter list of mobile phones with different criterias to find the phone or ownership you're looking for. For better results in search, we automatically enrich documents and subitems with master dossier's metadata.

Receive Email Notifications

Request process notifications

Generate Mobile Phone Receipt Confirmation Document

Generate with one simple click the Receipt Confirmation Document on predefined template for Employee's signing.

Personal View for Employees

Personal View for Employees - View Permission Roles

Generated Mobile Device Number

Let generate unique continuing Device numbers with prefix. For example M0732.

Connection to Employees Business App

Connection to Employees and other Business Apps...

History Log

See what's happened. Maintaining from first Employee's Request up to last use of Device.

Open dircetly from Office 365 app launcher

Open Mobile Phones comfortable same as other Apps directly from the Office 365 app launcher.

Fast Installation

Just a few click away from your ready-to-use Mobile Phones managing Business App.

Showcase Editions


$3.70/month & user

  • Structured Dossier
  • Enhanced search
  • Fast installation
  • Get Basic

$7/month & user

  • * Basic Features included
  • Mobile Phone Request Process
  • Email Notifications
  • Receipt Confirmation Generation
  • Generated Device Number
  • Personal View for Employees
  • Coming soon

$7.80/month & user

  • * Pro Features included
  • History Log
  • Connection to other Apps
  • Coming soon